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Because aluminum exhibits an extremely strong bonding strength with oxygen, mass production has only recently become possible. Previously, it was impractical to smelt aluminum using conventional reduction methods, which involve heating raw ore with carbon. Aluminum is easily worked and remarkably light, and the pure metal has an attractive, silver-white color. Moreover, it can easily be colored with chemical processing. Strength equal to steel can be obtained by alloying it with other metals. In addition, excellent electrical and thermal conductivity make it ideal for power distribution, household wares, and heat-exchange equipment.


A1050P plate (small/large), A1050P / A1100P / A5052P import material, A1100SPV, alumite SPV, A5052P checkered plate, alloy strip, A6063 pipe, A6063 mold material, lead-free-free cutting rod, free-cutting rod, free-cutting hexagonal rod, A2017 / A5052 / A5056 / A6061 / A7075 rod, A5052 plate, etc.

Aluminum Plates

Aluminum Round rods

Aluminum 型材

  Material Diameter Length
Round rod A1070B 3〜160mm 2M・4M
A2014B 20〜250mm 2M・4M
A2017B 5〜360mm 2M・4M
A2024B 15〜300mm 2M・4M
A5052B 3〜360mm 2M・4M
A5056B 6〜480mm 1.2M・2M
A6061B 8〜360mm 2M・4M
A6063B 8〜360mm 2M・4M
A7075B 15〜300mm 2M・4M
G21-T8 6〜65mm 2.5M
Lead-free free-cutting round rod G23-T8 6〜40mm 2.5M
CB156-T8 6〜40mm 2.5M
Hexagonal rod G21-T8 8〜32mm 2.5M
  Material Thickness Area
Plate A1050P 0.25〜50mm 400×1200、1000×2000、1250×2500、1525×3050mm
A1100P 1〜3mm 1000×2000、1250×2500mm
A2017P 1〜150mm 1000×2000、1250×2500、1525×3050mm
A2024P 1〜100mm 1000×2000、1250×2500、1525×3050mm
A5052P 0.5〜150mm 1000×2000、1250×2500、1525×3050mm
A5083P 1.5〜130mm 1000×2000、1250×2500、1525×3050mm
A6061P 0.5〜150mm 1000×2000、1250×2500、1525×3050mm
A7075P 8〜150mm 1250×2500、1525×3050mm
  Material Thickness Width
Strip A1050R/A1100R/A3003R/A5052R 0.5〜3mm 1000、1250、1525mm

For aluminum, we also have wires, round pipes, square pipes, rectangular rods, angles, channels, and checkered plates.

* Product inventory quantity (availability) varies depending on the size combination. Please inquire.

Principal Suppliers

Nippon Light Metal Co., Ltd.; Nikkeikin Aluminium Core Technology Company Ltd.; Nikkei Extrusions Company Ltd.; Nikkei Metal Co., Ltd.; Showa Denko K.K.; UACJ Extrusion Corporation; Katagi Aluminum Products Ltd.; Sankyo Tateyama, Inc.; Shinko Aluminum Wire Co., Ltd.; Tachibana Metal Mfg. Co., Ltd.; Fukumoto Keikinzoku Co., Ltd.; UACJ Aluminum Center Corporation.; Akao Aluminum Corp., etc. (in no particular order)