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Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is steel alloyed with chromium. While corrosion is steel's major weakness, stainless steel is highly corrosion-resistant. Moreover, it possesses a range of other excellent properties, including durability, workability, fire resistance, low-temperature characteristics, and processability. Another major advantage is its minimal need for maintenance. In addition, as society as a whole pays more attention to environmental issues, stainless steel is attracting attention for its 100% recyclability.


SUS304 plate/strip, SUS304 round pipe, SUS304 square pipe, SUS304 angle, SUS304 rectangular rod, SUS316 plate/strip, SUS316 rod, SUS430 plate/strip, SUS430 round pipe, SUS430 wire, ASK round rod, spring and other materials, JFE443CT plate, etc.

Stainless Steel Plates

Stainless Steel Round rods

Stainless Steel Hexagonal rods

  Material Diameter Length
Round rod SUS304 4〜500mm 2M〜6M
SUS303 6〜500mm 2M〜6M
SUS316 6〜500mm 2M〜6M
SUS316L 6〜500mm 2M〜6M
SUS430 16〜200mm 4M
Hexagonal rod SUS304 5〜80mm 2M〜4M
SUS303 5〜55mm 2M〜6M
SUS316 8〜85mm 2M〜6M
SUS316L 10〜46mm 4M
  Material Thickness Area
Plate SUS304 0.3〜6mm 1000×2000、1219×2438mm
SUS430 0.3〜3mm 1000×2000、1219×2438mm

For stainless steel, we also have wires, round pipes, square pipes, rectangular rods, angles, channels, strips, and spring materials.

* Product inventory quantity (availability) varies depending on the size combination. Please inquire.

Principal Suppliers

Nippon Kinzoku, Co., Ltd.; JFE Shoji Trade Corporation; Yamashin Steel Co., Inc.; Kaishin Ind. Co., Ltd.; Akitsu-Steel Co., Ltd.; Akiyama Seiko Co., Ltd.; Myodo Metal Co., Ltd.; Mory Industries Inc., etc. (in no particular order)