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Wrought Copper

Wrought Copper

It is said that copper was the first metal obtained by mankind. Wrought copper include products made from copper itself as well as copper alloyed with zinc to make brass, and other copper alloys such as nickel silver, which is an alloy of copper, nickel and zinc. Smelting, extraction, and hot- and cold-forging processes yield alloy products in a variety of forms including plate, wire, strip, pipe, and rod. These alloys possess a variety of advantages, including excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, and fusibility. Kuno Sangyo is a top-class domestic supplier of brass rods direct from inventory.


Copper plate (small/large), strip, wire, rod, pipe; brass plate (small/large), free-cutting brass plate, strip, wire, free-cutting brass wire, pipe, round rod, hexagonal rod, square rod, rectangular rod, dezincification resistant rod, forged rod, lead-less brass rod, cadmium-less brass rod, dezincification resistant lead-free brass, red brass plate, phosphor bronze, nickel silver, leaded nickel silver rod, titanium alloy, lead plate, etc.

Wrought Copper Plates

Wrought Copper Hexagonal rods

Wrought Copper Strips


  Material Diameter Length
Round rod C3602B/C3604B 2〜300mm 2M・2.5M・3M・4M
Hexagonal rod 4〜80mm 2M・3M・4M
Square rod 5〜100mm 2M・4M
  Material Thickness Area
Plate C2680P/C2801P 0.1〜50mm 365×1200、1000×2000mm

Cadmium-free brass

  Material Diameter Length
Round rod C3602B/C3604B 2〜200mm 2M・2.5M・3M・4M
Hexagonal rod 5.5〜70mm 2M・3M・4M
Square rod 10〜65mm 2M・3M・4M

Lead-free brass

  Material Diameter Length
Round rod C6801B/C6932B 8〜40mm 2.5M

Dezincification Resistant Lead-free brass

  Material Diameter Length
Round rod C6803B 10~35mm 2.5M
Hexagonal rod 12~32mm


  Material Diameter Length
Round rod C1100B 3~85mm 4M
90~150mm Irregular length
Square rod 8~60mm 4M
  Material Thickness Area
Plate C1020P/C1100P/C1220P 0.1〜100mm 365×1200、1000×2000mm

For wrought copper, we also have odd-shaped rods, wires, round pipes, rectangular rods, and strips.

* Product inventory quantity (availability) varies depending on the size combination. Please inquire.

Principal Suppliers

Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.; KITZ Metal Works Corporation; Ohki Brass & Copper Co., Ltd.; San-Etsu Metals Co., Ltd.; Nippon Shindo Co., Ltd.; New Nippon Brass Co., Ltd.; Mitsubishi Materials Corporation; Kaimei Shindo Co., Ltd.; Gonda Metal Industry Co., Ltd.; Mitsui Sumitomo Metal Mining Brass & Copper Co., Ltd.; Mitani Shindo Co., Ltd., Uji Copper & Alloy Co., Ltd.; Hitachi Alloy Co., Ltd.; Kiyomine Metal Industry Co., Ltd.; Marue Copper Alloy Co., Ltd.; mtube Co., Ltd.; Asaka Shinkan Co., Ltd.; Fujii Manufacturing Co., Ltd., etc. (in no particular order)